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Today was pretty amazing!!!! I had the honor of styling Mckenzie’s hair and make-up for a lookbook for an amazing designer Jacob Holston (his designs are delicious!). He is represented by my best-friend (Jeannie Lawlor…my wife my life my boo :) showroom ROOM 4.

The fabulous 4 of this showroom (Tiffany, Emilie, Yves, and Jeannie… Forbes fortune 500 in no time) have incredible lines like Juma and Kastle denim…I had the unique and one-of-a kind opportunity to work with Michelle Beller, the founder and photographer extraordinaire of MIBELLE. She is INSANELY TALENTED! As an artist u feel inspired and excited when you work with her, you feel an energy and a freshness that we lose in our day to day-that I can lose within 5 minutes on the 405-….so here are some of the days events but the finished pieces will be coming soon!!!

I mean eyebrows are just not negotiable! How pretty is she!!! Soooo fun to work with, very tall, very skinny (bitch) and oh the pictures get sooo much better

Michelle!!!!!! I am in love with her fabulousness (and she is a force to reckon with….his muscles do not scare her…hollllla)……she made all the models so comfortable…and Mckenzie… so ugly we really had to struggle to get the shot!! NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ummmm…..maybe in my next life I will be her (or Jeannie!)!

Michelle racing to catch the last of the light! And she did!! Hats off to you boo!!!Thank you for including me in this amazing shoot-Cheers to the fabulous designer I look forward to wearing your threads!




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